About Dustin

Dustin is 29 and a proud father to his 1 year old son, Michael, and husband to his high school sweetheart, Rebecca.  He was born and raised in York, PA and met his future wife at York Catholic High School.  Rebecca and him then went on to Marywood University together, where he earned a degree in Criminal Justice.  From there they moved to the great state of Florida for law school at the University of Florida. He graduated in 2011 and has been working for the Florida First District Court of Appeal, in which he is determined to return to as soon as possible.  His strong moral compass is what led him to a career in the field of justice.

Dustin has always had a passion for running, tennis, his faith, and helping others.  He began running cross country and tennis in high school and hasn’t been able to stop since.  He found a certain freedom with running and kept going further.  In September 2012, he completed his first 24 hour race where he logged 71 miles.  He was in peak health till this came out of no where.  He’s never really been sick in his life other than the common cold and the chicken pox.  He’s never taken a pill in his life till now, not even for a headache.

His strong, perpetual faith is definitely a blessing in this time of need. His faith has not been shaken, but strengthened.  He appreciates each and everyone who has reached out to him.  Dustin has always believed in helping others whenever and however we can. He often participated in community service programs in high school.  In college, he completed a service trip to Guatemala. After his undergrad, he spent a year assisting children in a residential psychiatric treatment center via group therapy and daily personal interactions. Up until his sickness he was a regular volunteer at a nursing home and a Sunday school teacher.  His greatest blessing and call to service though is his wonderful son, Michael.  Everyday during Dustin’s lunch, he would go visit Michael at daycare, taking him for a walk, singing to him, and just enjoying their time together.  Michael’s teachers and caregivers said Michael would never lay down for a nap till Dustin came for his lunchtime visit.  It’s amazing how at even such an early age, he can tell how much his father loves him.