Angels Among Us 5K at Duke

Every year Duke hosts a wonderful event and race by the name of Angels Among Us 5K. This year it occurred on April 20th and they were celebrating the 20th year of this wonderful fundraiser. The event this year raised over $2 million for brain cancer research! Luckily, Dustin was feeling well enough that they made the trip down to Durham, NC. Dustin, Rebecca, Michael, Dustin’s dad, Rebecca’s parents, and even Dustin’s aunt, Laura, and her family all went.  Dustin was extremely motivated to participate and took quite a few strides during the walk.  He’s dedicated to going back next year stronger than ever. I’m so proud of him and he motivates me everyday.

Angels Among Us - Dustin

It was a very inspiring and uplifting experience for Dustin to meet other brain cancer warriors and see all the love and support from everyone. That very same weekend was the Run For Rhodes #Anywhere5K . We want to thank all 153 people who participated and showed their support for Dustin! Participants ranged from 7 to 67 years old and came from across 9 countries! We appreciate you all more than we could ever express. We are blessed to have so many wonderful people in our lives.

Angels Among Us - Dustin  (3)

Angels Among Us - Dustin  (4)

Angels Among Us - Dustin  (7)

Angels Among Us - Dustin  (8)

Angels Among Us - Dustin  (11)

Angels Among Us - Dustin  (14)

Angels Among Us - Dustin  (16)

Angels Among Us - Dustin  (15)

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  1. I am so glad that your journey is going well. Please know that your entire family is in my thoughts and prayers.

  2. Great to hear of Dustin’s positive progress. I hope he (and your family) continue to do well.

  3. Paula Kiger says:

    Thank you for this update and for sharing these pictures! It was encouraging beyond words to see these pics of Dustin participating in the 5K.

  4. HI, JUSTIN!

    Yours life story shows us a positive way of behaviour when stroken by a illness. You are not only fighting it strongly with faith but also fundraising for researches. I’m sure that the positiveness of your thoughts and your way of living are the path which will make you get through this rough episode of life till the cure is found.

    Let’s pray for youm and all the others who suffer from any desease.

    Besides, above all, there’s FAITH that makes us all ‘moving on’, with Our Lord’s guidance…

    KEEP on, JUSTIN! I’ll also be praying for you!

    Mirna, from Brazil.

  5. Hello Dustin,

    We are glad to receive this update and see your efforts to support and participate in the Angels Among Us 5K. Congratulations on your participation! You and your family inspire us and contribute to the overall increase in awareness of brain cancer.

    We admire your focus, drive and faith and we continue to hold you and
    your family in prayer. Know that we are right there with you in spirit as your achieve each new milestone. It’s heartwarming to see the Love, care and support of those around you because they set a fine example for the rest of us.

    We are sharing your journey with all of our friends on Facebook and Twitter and many have expressed their love and concern for you. We look forward to your ongoing journey with prayer and support.

    We’re looking forward to your next update!



  6. Angela Holden says:

    We miss seeing you and your beautiful family at church, but it is so very good to be able to see your progress. Please know that our prayers are continued for all of you. The kids at CCD would love to send some words and pictures of encouragement, so if there is an address where we could mail them, it would be great.

    The peace of our Lord be with you always.

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