Dustin’s Last Radiation Treatment

March 19th marked a huge milestone in Dustin’s journey.  It was Dustin’s last radiation treatment!  He went through 30 treatments over the period of 6 weeks.   Each and everyone was a challenge.  Dustin was always a bit claustrophobic, but this type of treatment took it to a new level.  First they had to make a special plastic mesh mask that was formed specifically to his head. The mask was to ensure Dustin did not move while receiving the radiation treatment. It is literally snapped onto the table, so you can’t move at all. It also has markings to guarantee they get the exact locations every time so it only targets the tumors and leaves as much of the healthy portions of the brain intact as possible. The mask was extremely tight fitting and got tighter as Dustin gained a bit of weight due to the steroids (precautionary to avoid swelling of the brain). High doses of steroids also makes one antsy making the treatment more dreadful. March 19th also marked the beginning of a break from his Temodar pill (chemo) for a few weeks, but will begin again later on with a new schedule.  He continues to have the Avastin IV once every two weeks.

Dustin Last Radiation

Praying the “Our Father” over the intercom so Dustin could listen and pray during each treatment is what proved to be the most successful in the end. We are so very proud of him and can’t thank everyone enough at Apple Hill Radiation for going above and beyond to help Dustin get through this daily struggle. We couldn’t have done it without them and are forever grateful. Last, but certainly not least, we thank God for lifting us up and carrying us through this extremely terrifying portion of his journey.

Dustin with MRI Mask

Dustin Rebecca Michael Celebrating


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