Hospital Transfer and Family

Dustin transfers to and is admitted into the larger hospital in Tallahassee, where they will perform the biopsy of the masses in his brain.  Dustin wishes to receive the sacraments of Confession and Anointing of the Sick prior to the biopsy surgery.  Rebecca is unable to contact their local parish priest.  She then goes on to call another church and luckily got in touch with Father Tim, who has been a blessing throughout this whole process. Dustin spoke with Father Tim and participated in the holy sacraments, which provided him much comfort and relief.

Cross - Glioblastoma Multiforme - brain cancerThe family all started to arrive.  Everyone flew in as soon as they could.  Dustin’s father, mother, and brother Dillon all flew in.  Rebecca’s parents also came down.  Family is extremely important and he was glad to have them all by his side in this time of need. The doctors and nurses were much nicer and accommodating at this hospital.  Dustin chatted with them and several even stayed longer than their shift to make sure he felt comfortable. He was in caring hands.

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