Nausea Setting In

Dustin went to the doctor’s on Friday (June 14th). He has always been very difficult to get an IV into, but it has become increasingly worse lately due to his veins being dehydrated and such. They barely were able to get one in, so now he is going to have to get a PICC line put in on Monday. PICC stands for “peripherally inserted central catheter.”  They place a flexible tube into one of the larger veins in your arm and leave it there sticking out the surface of the skin with a valve.  This allows doctors and nurses to give IV medication and take blood without needing to use a syringe every time, but can be annoying because there is a tube slightly protruding out of your arm that must be kept dry, make sure it doesn’t pull out, etc.

Due to him not eating or drinking and vomiting so much his protein and creatinine levels were low and his potassium level was critically low. They gave him more fluids along with his Avastin and tried to give him IV potassium but his vein couldn’t tolerate it and closed up during the treatment.  It burned so badly that Dustin was in a great deal of pain,so they had to stop and give him a liquid prescription to take instead. Potassium is chemically similar to sodium/salt.  If you’ve ever had a cut and got in the ocean,you know how much the salt burns.  Essentially when Dustin’s veins closed during the treatment, he was having that feeling inside his body.  He will have to go in to the cancer center now twice a week to receive fluids and check his electrolytes to try to prevent dehydration.

Since he is still having severe nausea & vomiting and has difficulty even getting his nausea pills down, the doctor’s had no other choice but to prescribe anti nausea suppositories and a patch to wear all next week while he takes his 5 days of Temodar. We are praying that this will curb the nausea, stop the vomiting and allow him to eat & drink some.

Dustin has a MRI on Monday so please pray that he gets through that ok and the results are positive. Thank you.

Dustin Rhodes Reading to Michael Rhodes



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  1. michellegilstrap says:

    I understand what he is going through with the Chemo, my veins did the same thing, they put the shunt into my chest wall and that solved the problem, I had my chemo there the rest of the several months. It is not easy with the nausea, you have to get this under control, I had something that worked, and I thanked my doctors. My chemo made blisters in my mouth and it was hard to eat, so I just pray for this precious little one that his ‘daddy continues to fight for his precious child and his time with him.

  2. So sorry to hear he is going through this. I hope the doctors can find a regimen that is not so hard on him. And, I hope that some kind of solution can be found for the insurance problem. Disability?

  3. so sorry to hear what your going through i hope you get well for your son sake god bless

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