Pennsylvania Bound

Rehabilitation was going fairly well considering everything Dustin has gone through. The incisions on his head from the craniotomy and drain were healing nicely to the point where radiation could begin soon. Dustin’s physicians and oncologist deemed him safe to travel finally. Days prior to leaving, they did another MRI to check to see if any of the tumors had begin to grow again since the surgery. The tumors had grown… In about 3 weeks, they grew enough to where it was actually noticeable change on the MRI images…

Dustin Rhodes -Durham Regional Hospital 1 - Glioblastoma Multiforme - brain cancer

Dustin was stable, missing his son and family, his incision was healing, the doctors were ready for him, it was time to take him back to Pennsylvania to start the next round of his treatment. Taking him back to Pennsylvania would allow other family members and friends to help more with the responsibilities as well. Dillon, his brother, flew down on Friday, January 25th after a 4.5 hour delay because it was snowing. The next day, Dustin got all of his final clearances from the doctors. Dustin, Rebecca, and Dillon left Saturday afternoon and made the drive back to Dallastown. The steroids Dustin was on as a preventive measure to help keep down swelling in his brain from the growth made him a bit antsy on the drive back and he was a bit shaken from us having to administer a shot of blood thinner during the drive (it was the first time a nurse was not doing it and he hates needles), but the drive itself went pretty smoothly without any incidences. About 7 hours later and a stop at IHOP we were finally in Pennsylvania! Doctor appointments had already been scheduled with Johns Hopkins and York Hospital for the upcoming week. We didn’t want to waste any time and wanted to get his next round of treatment underway as soon as possible.

Dustin Rhodes -Durham Regional Hospital 2 - Glioblastoma Multiforme - brain cancer

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